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When is the best time to reserve equipment?

You should plan on reserving the necessary equipment as early as possible before your need date since availability of the items is on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I make a reservation?

For your convenience, all equipment rentals may be reserved through our computerized reservation system by calling us directly or using the web quote option. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, cash and local checks with drivers license.

Do you require a security deposit?


How much is the security deposit?

The amount of the security deposit varies depending on the equipment rented.

Is pricing guaranteed?

All prices are subject to change without notice.

How are rental rates figured?

Rental charges are based upon the length of time the equipment is on rent. All equipment with hour meters have rental rates that include 8 hours of running time in a 24 hour period. Any meter time over the 8 hours will be prorated accordingly.

1 Day Rental = 24 hours with equipment and includes 8 hours of running time

1 Week Rental = 7 days with equipment and includes 40 hours of running time

4 Week Rental = 28 days with equipment and includes 160 hours of running time

When is final payment due?

Accounts are due and payable at the termination of the rental period. A carrying charge of 1.5% per month (Annual Rate of 18%) will be charged for all overdue accounts. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, cash and local checks with drivers license.

What if I need to change my reservation?

Additions to orders are welcome, subject to availability.

Do you deliver to my city/town?

We serve the greater Tri-Cities area, including Rogersville, TN, Gate City, VA and Abingdon, VA. Please call us in order to find out if we deliver to your specific town.

Do you deliver all rental items?

Delivery and pickup is available on all orders over $100, with the exception of tents. Delivery costs are determined by location and by the number of vehicles needed, so costs will vary. Due to rising fuel costs, a fuel surcharge may be assessed. All deliveries are scheduled at the time of reservation on a first-come, first-served basis.

What time will you deliver my rental items?

Deliveries will be scheduled based on customer’s needs.

What are my responsibilities for the rental items?

Responsibility for all items remains with the renter from the time of receipt to time of return. Customer is bound by the Terms and Conditions found on the back of all contracts. Be sure items are secure and protected from the weather when not in use. Missing items are the responsibility of the renter and will be charged accordingly. Please refer to the Damage Waiver (Item 14) on the back of your rental contract.

What if I don’t know how to use the rental items?

When picking up or accepting delivery of an order, please learn to use the items rented. We do our best to show a customer how to safely use our equipment. If an item does not work, contact us immediately.

What if something is missing from my order?

When picking up or accepting delivery, please make sure you have received all the items on your reservation. If something is missing or not acceptable, we need to know immediately in order to remedy the situation.

Are there any limitations to where tents may be installed?

Generally, no. When in doubt, please call us and we will do our best to assist your need.

Are your tents fire retardant?

Yes, they are required to be fire retardant.

May we cook under tents?

Customer agrees not to do any kind of cookibng under or within a reasonable distance of the tent. Customer assumes full responsibility and costs incurred for damage and or cleaning expenses to tent tops due to cooking processes under or near tents.

What do we do in the event of inclement weather?

Customer assumes all weather related risks involved in holding an outdoor tented event. Rental Center will endeavor to minimize said risk, however, should the tenting become unusable due to high wind, snow, rain, flooding, extreme cold or heat, or any other factor beyond Rental Center’s control, customer shall still be liable for payment in full of all charges.

Do you have insurance for the rental items?


Can I rent a tool on Sunday?

No, but if you pick up the item on Saturday and return it by 9:00am on Monday, you will only incur a one-day charge.

How long can I rent the equipment?

You may rent the equipment as long as needed. What if I need to keep the tool longer than expected? Simply call us and pay for the additional time needed.

What if I rent a tool for an outside project and get rained out?

You will be charged for whatever time you are in possession of the tool or equipment.

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